Should AI Be Given a Human Conscience?

Should AI Be Given a Human Conscience?

Dr. Eve Poole’s e-book “Robotic Souls” explores the idea of embedding ‘junk code’—traits akin to feelings and free will—into AI methods. She proposes this as an answer to moral dilemmas in AI, arguing these human traits are essential for societal survival and needs to be built-in into AI improvement for moral and value-aligned automation.

People have curated the most effective of human intelligence to tell AI, with the hopes of making flawless machines – however might the failings we ignored be the lacking items wanted to make sure robots don’t go rogue?

Trendy-day society depends intrinsically on automated methods and synthetic intelligence. It’s embedded into our every day routines and exhibits no indicators of slowing, in reality, use of robotic and automatic help is ever-increasing.

Such pervasive use of AI presents technologists and builders with two moral dilemmas – how will we construct robots that behave consistent with our values and the way will we cease them from going rogue?

One creator means that one choice which isn’t explored sufficient is to code extra humanity into robots, gifting robots with traits akin to empathy and compassion.

Is humanity the reply?

In a brand new e-book known as Robotic Souls, publishing in August, author and educational Dr. Eve Poole OBE explores the concept that the answer to society’s conundrum about how to ensure AI is moral lies in human nature.

She argues that in its bid for perfection, people stripped out the ‘junk code’ together with feelings, free will, and a way of function.

She mentioned: “It’s this ‘junk’ which is on the coronary heart of humanity. Our junk code consists of human feelings, our propensity for errors, our inclination to inform tales, our uncanny sixth sense, our capability to deal with uncertainty, an unshakeable sense of our personal free will, and our capability to see which means on the planet round us.

“This junk code is in reality important to human flourishing, as a result of behind all of those flaky and eccentric properties lies a coordinated try and maintain our species safe. Together they act as a range of ameliorators with a common theme: they keep us in community so that there is safety in numbers.”

Robot souls

With AI increasingly taking up more decision-making roles in our daily lives, along with rising concerns about bias and discrimination in AI, Dr. Poole argues the answer might be in the stuff we tried to strip out of autonomous machines in the first place.

She said: “If we can decipher that code, the part that makes us all want to survive and thrive together as a species, we can share it with the machines. Giving them to all intents and purposes a ‘soul’.”

In the new book, Poole suggests a series of next steps to make this a reality, including agreeing a rigorous regulation process, and an immediate ban on autonomous weapons along with a licensing regime with rules that reserve any final decision over the life and death of a human to a fellow human.

She argues we should also agree the criteria for legal personhood and a road map for Al toward it.

The human blueprint

“Because humans are flawed we disregarded a lot of characteristics when we built AI,” Poole explains. “It was assumed that robots with features like emotions and intuition, that made mistakes and looked for meaning and purpose, would not work as well.

“But on considering why all these irrational properties are there, it seems that they emerge from the source code of soul. Because it is actually this ‘junk’ code that makes us human and promotes the kind of reciprocal altruism that keeps humanity alive and thriving.”

Robot Souls looks at developments in AI and reviews the emergence of ideas of consciousness and the soul.

It places our ‘junk code’ in this context and argues that it is time to foreground that code, and to use it to look again at how we are programming AI.

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