Planes could soon run on pig fat – but it won’t reduce emissions

Planes could soon run on pig fat – but it won’t reduce emissions

The aviation business is underneath strain to decrease its greenhouse gasoline emissions


Airways might quickly begin utilizing fuels produced from animal fat to assist them meet their local weather targets. Nevertheless, this might improve carbon emissions quite than scale back them, warns a report for marketing campaign group Transport & Atmosphere.

European Union rules encourage the usage of animal fat as a gasoline and likewise require airways to extend the proportion of “sustainable aviation fuels” they use by 2030. A number of oil corporations have introduced plans to start out producing aviation fuels from animal fat, that are anticipated to be the second important supply of so-called sustainable fuels after used cooking oil.

There are two main points with turning animal fat into jet gasoline with the goal of lowering greenhouse gasoline emissions. The primary is that, though animal fat are waste merchandise of the meat business, they’re already used. “With used cooking oil, to an excellent extent, the biodiesel business has given a use to one thing that wasn’t being effectively utilised, nevertheless it’s completely different with animal fat,” says analyst Chris Malins, the writer of the report.

In 2006, the meat industries within the UK and European Union produced round 2.4 million tonnes of rendered, or purified, fats. In roughly equal proportions, this fats was utilized in pet meals, to make merchandise similar to cleaning soap and to generate warmth and energy – typically by the rendering factories themselves. Solely a small proportion was become biodiesel.

In 2021, the UK and EU produced round 2.8 million tonnes of rendered fats, of which practically half was become biodiesel, principally to be used in vehicles and vans, with the remainder going into pet meals and beauty merchandise. Hardly any is used instantly for warmth and energy any extra.

Which means if the aviation business begins utilizing important quantities of animal fats to make what it phrases sustainable aviation gasoline, there’s going to be much less for these present functions. The beauty and pet meals industries are more likely to change it with palm oil, says Malins, as that’s the most cost-effective product with comparable properties.

Meaning extra forests shall be cleared to supply extra palm oil, which might result in emissions rising by as much as 70 per cent in contrast with carrying on utilizing fossil fuels to energy plane as an alternative, the report says.

The second main difficulty is that utilizing animal fat-based fuels provides the aviation business a comparatively low cost and simple manner to assist it meet the very modest targets for rising the usage of “sustainable aviation fuels”, says Malins. It’s a substitute for investing in costlier however higher approaches similar to cellulosic biofuels, that are produced from the fibrous components of crops, he says.

As there’s little animal fats to go round that is no long-term answer. Demand for jet gasoline within the EU is projected to achieve about 46 million tonnes of crude oil equal a 12 months by 2030. If all of the animal fats produced within the EU have been become jet gasoline, it might provide at most 3 per cent of that, Malins calculates. That’s unsurprising given it could take the fats from 8800 pigs to gasoline a flight from Paris to New York.

There’s a broader difficulty right here. Utilizing waste biomass might be really inexperienced, in contrast to rising biomass for power. However most waste biomass that can be utilized is getting used, so regulatory incentives aimed toward encouraging the usage of waste can have unintended and undesirable penalties.

As an illustration, the EU’s incentives for turning used cooking oil into biofuel have led to international locations in Asia exporting used cooking oil to the EU that was beforehand being fed to animals, amongst different issues. These international locations then have to exchange that oil with different merchandise, elevating emissions. In some circumstances, unused oil has even been offered as used, based on environmental campaigners. Equally, a lot of the “waste wooden” burned in energy crops will not be waste in any respect.

As for aviation, the actual fact is that, for now, there merely aren’t any genuinely sustainable zero-emission fuels accessible in something just like the portions required. Other than enhancing power effectivity, within the brief time period, the one solution to scale back aviation emissions is for folks to fly much less.


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