How ultrasound therapy could treat everything from ageing to cancer

How ultrasound therapy could treat everything from ageing to cancer

IMAGINE a medical gadget that might deal with an unlimited vary of our ills, each massive and small. A gadget that confirmed promise for destroying cancerous tumours or obliterating the physique fats related to weight problems. Or that was doubtlessly efficient in opposition to the likes of again ache and glaucoma – and that was even versatile sufficient to be thought of as a device for tackling despair or anxiousness. Surprisingly, such know-how exists. Much more surprisingly, it really works just by producing sound waves.

Whereas maybe most acquainted to us for its use in medical imaging, ultrasound has emerged in current a long time as an awfully versatile medical device. Utilizing the warmth that intense ultrasound waves generate, we will destroy tumours or different problematic tissue deep throughout the physique with out making any incisions. Dial down the depth, in the meantime, and we will achieve unprecedented entry to the mind, shaking cells to alter their behaviour in ways in which appear to enhance psychological well being. For good measure, ultrasound could even reverse indicators of bodily ageing and scale back the educational and reminiscence issues related to older age.

“Ultrasound is already a ubiquitous device in medication,” says Nir Lipsman at Sunnybrook Analysis Institute in Toronto, Canada. “However there’s super concentrate on it proper now due to the alternative ways we might use it to deal with totally different medical issues.”

The potential purposes are coming so thick and quick that they’re outpacing our skill to know why it’s so efficient. The query now’s: can we work out how ultrasound impacts our cells, so the know-how can attain its full potential?

Medical imaging

Ultrasound – high-frequency sound above 20 kilohertz – …

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